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September 30, 2023

100 & 50 mile courses beginning in downtown Prescott taking you through the beautiful terrain of Prescott, Arizona.

Update June 24, 2023


Great news for Saddles.  We have officially received the green light from both the City of Prescott and the National Forest.  This was expected but is good news nonetheless!  Therefore, we shouldn't see and major changes with the course as is.   We will see what kind of monsoon season we get over the next couple months and that could affect the course slightly.

Now that we can move forward expect a race document coming soon.

On another note we are super happy the Hammer Nutrition will be providing all sorts of nutrition and support for this first year.  Expect Heed gels and caps at all aid stations.

Looks like we are up to about 50 total runners for the event.  This should be a fun first year run.  Inaugural years are always special.




Update March 21, 2023


Bienvenidos Saddlers!


We have been receiving a lot of inquiries lately asking for details on the race. Given this is our inaugural year we are slowly navigating the logistical and bureaucratic swamps of holding events on public lands. We ask for your patience as we wait on emails and correspondence.


This course IS NOT finalized. 90% of the course should see no changes, but we anticipate a couple of reroutes due both to forest service requirements and potential weather hazards. We will obviously keep everyone up to date with changes. As such we cannot yet release the race guide and or aid station mileage, etc.


What you can expect regardless of the course are 9 fully stocked aid stations approximately every ten miles (4 for the 50 miler) not including the start finish. Cutoffs will be set at 3 mph for both events with a total 34 hour cutoff for the event. Pacers can start in the Granite Dells (half way and 50 mile finish).


We have big announcements coming soon as far as race happenings and sponsors so keep an eye out including some surprises for registered runners!




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